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PERU – Cuzco

First of all a BIG THANK YOU to Mr Blonde and Mr Pink of Driving Horse for adding my blog to theirs. Cheers guys!!

And now back to Peru…

When I arrived to Cuzco (3400m) I felt the altitude straight away. The hostel I was planning to stay at was full and carrying my bags up and down the steep street searching for a room had never been so hard. After bumping into people and things while “climbing” to the next hostel I finally managed to reach my destination and found a room. I spent the following 2 days acclimatizing, easily taking pictures around town (including a march pro Cuba) and looking for a trek for Machu Picchu.

I also visited the local cemetery during the Day of the Dead (this actually took place on the 2nd November after coming from Machu Picchu). I was impressed how people offer to their loved ones, amongst other things, live music and miniatures of beer or coke. traduci >>



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