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New York City 2014

I was here briefly for the opening of the International Photography awards. It’s always overwhelming to see your work on display 🙂 And… I had to take a few shots around Manhattan

USA – New York City

Finally on the road again!!!!! This time the plan is a quick 2-month-long (October+November) around the globe location shooting trip for my CGI stuff (backplates and HDRs) that should keep me busy in the coming cold, dark and claustrophobic winter time. The set itinerary for now is New York City, Los Angeles, Fiji, Sydney, Singapore… Continue reading USA – New York City

Munich here I am

This is an update form my new base in Germany. I have recently moved to Munich and have been busy doing CGI post-production work and some location photography. I only have a few shots that I can share and here they are: Munich, taken after a shoot at the Haus der Kunst (Modern Art), Berlin,… Continue reading Munich here I am