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WINNER of “Competitive Events” – ¬†INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2014¬†¬†(link) Batusangkar, Indonesia The pacu jawi(cow race) originated in the Minankabau region of West Sumatra. It is held on rice fields as a celebration or auspice of good harvests and possibly increase the value of well performing cows and bulls. Jockeys also bite the animals’ tail to increase speed.… Continue reading INDONESIA – Pacu Jawi

INDONESIA – Mentawai

The Mentawai people have their own language, traditional law and religion (animism). Their society is based on equality, there’s no hereditary title and there are no subordinate roles. Their origins were unknown to me before receiving info in the comments below. The elder shamans normally gather to discuss issues concerning more than one family or village… Continue reading INDONESIA – Mentawai