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AN INSIGHT I first developed an interest in Sri Lanka while sipping beer in Munich with my friend Malte, when he suggested that I should read Naomi Klein’s ‘The Shock Doctrine’.  Malte told me he could not believe what happened in Sri Lanka after the tsunami of 2004. An estimated 40000 people lost their lives in Sri Lanka… Continue reading SRI LANKA

THAILAND – Bangkok

Stop-over of 3 days here before flying to Colombo. The night shots were taken in backstreets around Sukhumvit.

USA – Hawaii

Since I had to cross the Pacific I also paid a visit to my friends Peter and Suzy who kindly coped with me for a few days 🙂 Here are some shots from the Big Island, or Hawaii. I had to see Mauna Kea (some claim it’s the highest mountain on the planet if measured from… Continue reading USA – Hawaii

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I have started off this round trip in South America, hoping to have more chances to push through a couple of personal projects in the Ecuadorian Amazon and in Honduras. Unfortunately it didn’t work out, at least not this time. So Bogotá turned up to be the first stop of some sort of “my long way round” to… Continue reading COLOMBIA – Bogotá


The first day I got on an open-top bus for some recce around the city but I didn’t see anything really exciting, not many inspiring places to drop a car in. Cities are hard to shoot without getting cars and people in the frame but a parallel world of empty scenes and light shows seems… Continue reading SINGAPORE


Thank to my friends Lauren and James my stay in and around Sydney was super. Lauren was my driver, assistant, producer, location scouter and tour guide. Thanks Lozza!!  Love you!!!!!! 🙂

FIJI – Nacula Island

A stop here since it’s on the route LA-Sydney, even if for just 2 days, was a must. After a couple of location shoots and a quick visit to the nearby village on Nacula Island, I spotted a hammock under the palm trees on the beach and that was the end 🙂

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USA – Los Angeles

Plenty of good locations to shoot downtown and elsewhere but sick of the bad weather, I decided to go to the desert. I thought to myself “What are the chances that will rain there?”. Well, eventually it did but for only 10 minutes. So I booked a room in the town of Indio, about 3… Continue reading USA – Los Angeles

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